It turns out that SEAF (The Seattle Erotic Art Festival) was good for Big Dick. I sold some prints in the store, got some fantastic press, and was contacted by a man named Richard Wagner (that’s Dr. Dick to you) and asked to be a part of a very special segment of his tremendously popular podcast The Erotic Mind Series. If you spend a lot of your time trying to figure me out, its a great listen. It looks like we actually had to do it as a two-parter because I went on and on and on (I tend to ramble). Anyhow, Dr Dick is a GREAT guy and I hope to collaborate with him again in the near future on some sort of project. Click here to listen to Part One of the Interview:

Part One of the Erotic Mind Series with Richard Northwood

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Richard Northwood

Richard Northwood is a celebrated Erotic Photographer specializing in the absurd.

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  1. by Greg

    Dr Dick sent me.

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