Remember a while back when I posted this? Well there has been much confusion since. Many of you have inquired about me taking pictures of your lady friend but have shown concerns that you aren’t married to her. So let me make it perfectly clear:

Wife, Girlfriend or whoever the hell you’re banging, if you send her to me with an envelope of cash rest assured I will take her picture.

money bag

Several months back I was going through a morning routine I had gone through so many times before: checking photography equipment and packing it up to transfer to a location shoot. Realizing that I was missing my all important portable battery pack, I swung by my warehouse photo studio/office to check to see if that’s where I left it. Heading up the four flights of stairs I slowly began hearing noises I shouldn’t have been hearing. As I neared the entrance to my slice of warehouse heaven, it became clear to me that I wasn’t alone.

And that’s when I met psychs.

He had illegally accessed my warehouse space to play some sort of twisted role-playing game with his then girlfriend. You know how some couples like to play Doctor and Nurse? Well they were playing circus clown and gullible school girl. In an abandoned warehouse. It was a super sexy game and I knew immediately we were like minded. Yet I played the role of tough guy, and told them I’d call the police if they didn’t let me take pictures of them in action. This worked out favorably for me, as I went on to win several awards for those photos, but more importantly a friendship was formed.



Pancake Nipple Tuesday

Here we are, jointly celebrating both Fat Tuesday (aka Pancake Tuesday) and International Women’s day on the SAME DAY! What exciting times we live in, especially for me personally as these are two of my favorite holidays. Just this past holiday season I came up with the idea of combining my favorite holidays (this year was Boxmas, where I waited to celebrate Christmas until the 26th, and did so by robbing a Best Buy with my buddy Psychs) into one day, and since the Calendar has done it for me today, I hereby decree that from this date forward today be known as…

Pancake Nipple Tuesday!

Why you ask? Well what is the first thing we all think of when we think of women? Nipples. And what’s the second thing? Make me some pancakes, woman. Why not celebrate both of these urges at once? And even though the entries on Urban Dictionary can’t seem to agree on the definition of a pancake nipple, I think we all know what it is. If you aren’t sure, here’s an example:

Pancake Nipples

Pancake Nipples

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Noted on Notabletv.com

For anyone that missed me (and all the other out of this world artists) at overXXXposed 2 last week, the awesome (and noteworthy) online magazine Noteable put up a fantastic review of the show. You can read it here.