An uncensored version of a #submissionsunday post

Here you go!

I received a strange and harshly worded email last week from a woman who was concerned about the evil I was putting into the world via my Instagram account every Sunday. For those of you that follow me on there, you know that for the last couple of months, every Sunday my Instagram feed is taken over by my followers, who send in sexy pictures of themselves, or of their friends that they’ve taken in either a professional or not so professional atmosphere. I want to make one thing perfectly clear: this wasn’t really my idea. Or at least, not entirely.


As my account on Instagram┬áhas continued to grow, I’ve developed a legion of fans that not only love what I do (thank you thank you) but seemingly want to get in on it. People started sending me photos of themselves to seek my approval, and more than anything, I approved of the form of expression. As someone who is a huge voyeur himself (you clearly see that theme throughout all of my work) I definitely understand the need to see, and be seen. It is a powerful human emotion. And now what has happened, is that every Sunday my Instagram account has become a platform for others to get their voyeuristic thrills.

I don’t see anything wrong with this. Especially the sheer number of people who prefer to remain anonymous. And the naughtier ones who don’t.

In an idealized society, none of us would feel the need to seek approval from others, but this is an unrealistic expectation given the world we live in. My entire life is geared around seeking the approval of others. Just like your dog when he does tricks. Just like your grandpa when he tells the same lame jokes. And while some my see #submissionsunday as a cheap ploy to use our bodies for attention, I look at it as a modern day avenue to explore our sexuality. And I for one am happy to provide the platform alongside my award winning photography work. I want everything I do to be inclusive. I want people to understand that as fans, admirers, peers and friends, all of you make up the whole of me.

So to all of you that have submitted to me on Sunday’s (and those of you from far-flung locales the world over who get it to me by Saturday) I want to again say thank you. We are doing something harmless, naughty and fun, and there is no shame in this game. #submissionsunday



Last summer, I got together with Tailor James (she of Playboy fame) to do what she later described as the weirdest and most interesting shoot she’d ever done. I had scouted some prime real estate (an abandoned chemical factory that was condemned by the provincial government due to toxic chemical leakage) and decided it would be an ideal spot to shoot her. This spot had everything I look for in a location shoot: dilapidated buildings, dangerous locale, a horrible misspelling in spray paint by some fuck-tard… it was a dream come true.

Now if you combine all of that with my absolute hatred of Children’s stories, we had ourselves a plan. Let’s do a modern take on Little Red Riding Hood.

You can purchase a print from this shoot by clicking here.


Goldilocks and The Three Bears starring Sarah Scotford

Here are a few images from a shoot I did a while back with Sarah Scotford entitled “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” as well as a black and white shot for shits and giggles.

Sarah was a ton of fun to work with and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the near future!






Jesus Said

You can’t make this stuff up:


Here is part two of my podcast interview with Dr Dick!

More of the Erotic Mind of Richard Northwood

It turns out that SEAF (The Seattle Erotic Art Festival) was good for Big Dick. I sold some prints in the store, got some fantastic press, and was contacted by a man named Richard Wagner (that’s Dr. Dick to you) and asked to be a part of a very special segment of his tremendously popular podcast The Erotic Mind Series. If you spend a lot of your time trying to figure me out, its a great listen. It looks like we actually had to do it as a two-parter because I went on and on and on (I tend to ramble). Anyhow, Dr Dick is a GREAT guy and I hope to collaborate with him again in the near future on some sort of project. Click here to listen to Part One of the Interview:

Part One of the Erotic Mind Series with Richard Northwood

I did a shoot recently that got a lot of people talking and still more asking questions. The level of detail in this one was high, and it seems a lot of you wanted to learn more about my process. So I’m going to talk a little bit about the making of my most recent photo shoot “From Russia with Love” starring Kristie Taylor.

The idea began when I decided she looked Russian. I was drunk at the time, but that is besides the point. From there I convinced her that she needed to become a sexy spy, and as one last caveat we were going to shoot it as if it took place during the Cold War Era. Step one was finding me an old hammer and sickle flag which wasn’t too difficult. From there it was simply a matter of finding the space. I was going to shoot the whole thing in a broken down industrial setting. But the night before the shoot I changed my mind, and instead decided that we were going to shoot it in “The General’s Office”. (Not to be confused with shooting something into the General’s Orifice which is probably another good shoot idea). So I found an office:

And that is where the conversion process began. Time to bring in some props to give it a taste of authenticity. In total there were about 30 different set pieces some of which are pictured below for your viewing pleasure but also including: A piss yellow Toshiba television, a decommissioned hand gun, a painting of Joseph Stalin, Soviet Medals of Militaristic achievement, a vintage flag of the Soviet Union/Asia (with added military check points), an actual bomb shell, an old shipping trunk, the General’s hat, tons of books, a desk fan, a Zorki-4 camera made in the USSR in the 70’s, etc. etc. etc. Here are some shots of some of the props:

So with careful placement and a little bit of smarts, all those elements were combined to build the final set:

And once Kristie stepped into character we were ready to create something special! Thanks of course to Kristie Taylor for being a fantastic model, Krystal Downer Victoria for providing some stellar makeup and my home boy Thomas for being the best and most curious assistant I’ve ever used. I look forward to working with all of those folks again!

Those who know me, know one thing for certain: I look good. And if its true when they say that clothes make the man, then “Gilbert” Lazich will surely be missed. This past Wednesday at the age of 84, Gilbert, a local legend, a proud family man, and the person most responsible for making me look so good when I make those rare public appearances, passed away. I can’t wait to see my good friend Tom (his son) and his wife Carol and remind them how important Gilbert was to my success. Ljubisav Lazich was a great man, and today the sun shine’s a little bit brighter in his memory.





RIP Gilbert


So yesterday afternoon I held a meeting with my full creative team (see pic below) and the conversation was dominated by discussion of the new Canon 5D Mark III, hot lights vs. strobes and the ISO equation. Below are a quick summary of my thoughts on the new Canon offering.

Quite simply, the Canon 5D Mark III is the camera that I wish my camera was, but its not compelling enough for me to upgrade. It is a stunning camera really. Fantastic high ISO performance (I currently shoot as high as ISO 5000), incredible auto-focus performance, great frame rate, dual card slots, greatly improved build quality. The problem is that its not enough of an upgrade from the MK II for my style of shooting. The improved auto focus performance does me little good. The most compelling reason to upgrade would be for the heightened high ISO performance, but its not quite heightened enough for me to consider it. The build quality, the frame rate, the dual card slots, those things are all wonderful but I don’t need them. What I need from Canon is a high megapixel body with improved ISO performance, and marginally improved auto focus over my current unit. I have it on fairly good authority that such a camera will be announced later this year. I feel as though, having not actually used the camera, that my review is somewhat unfair, but I wasn’t too impressed by the price hike either. As more user reviews pour in, I’m glad I’ve stuck to my decision to see what is next.

Anyways, here’s a quick photo from yesterday’s meeting with my creative team: