About Richard

Welcome to the online home of celebrated erotic photographer Richard Northwood. Early in the year 2011, Richard had certain parole conditions removed and was once again legally allowed to use photographic equipment. Since then, its been an incredible journey of self-promotion, narcissism and skullduggery.

Richard’s journey began at the tender age of 12, when he first snuck into his father’s closet and stole¬†borrowed his fathers Film camera, a Canon A1. Later that day Richard’s parents found themselves in the principal’s office, at a loss for words when asked why their son was seen taking seductive photos of his classmates in the halls and playground during recess. Unable to answer, they found themselves transferring Richard to yet another school, his third at that point, and faced what would be the first of several photography related infractions/felonies. More importantly, on that day the legend was born.

Richard’s experimental lifestyle extended beyond photography, as he soon found himself in trouble at school, and unable to find a photo lab willing to develop his images. He set the camera down in disgust, never intending to return to the craft, and instead of focusing on his schooling, he taught himself Photoshop by creating fake celebrity nude photos and distributing them on the internet.

A leap year baby with a penchant for violent mood swings, Richard has never backed down from a challenge. While most of his life challenges are presented to him in the form of inner turmoil, Richard has persevered despite the stress of inner conflict. His collection of art books grew. His curiosity about the art scene lingered. His period of incarceration finally came to an end. Richard knew this was his last chance to share with the world what he see’s, and early in 2011 he got to work.

Richard views Art as a medium to deliver his message. Not one to share the popular moral viewpoint, Richard constantly challenges the conventions and comfort level of those that choose to view his work. The collector’s of Richard Northwood’s printed images share a common bond, a free and open mind. What is art? Richard can not answer this question for you. He can only answer it for himself, and he hopes sincerely that you appreciate and respect his work.

What you see on this website is only a fraction of what is to come, as Richard’s stock is rising quickly. Please check back often for original creative works, written word, and general debauchery.