So yesterday afternoon I held a meeting with my full creative team (see pic below) and the conversation was dominated by discussion of the new Canon 5D Mark III, hot lights vs. strobes and the ISO equation. Below are a quick summary of my thoughts on the new Canon offering.

Quite simply, the Canon 5D Mark III is the camera that I wish my camera was, but its not compelling enough for me to upgrade. It is a stunning camera really. Fantastic high ISO performance (I currently shoot as high as ISO 5000), incredible auto-focus performance, great frame rate, dual card slots, greatly improved build quality. The problem is that its not enough of an upgrade from the MK II for my style of shooting. The improved auto focus performance does me little good. The most compelling reason to upgrade would be for the heightened high ISO performance, but its not quite heightened enough for me to consider it. The build quality, the frame rate, the dual card slots, those things are all wonderful but I don’t need them. What I need from Canon is a high megapixel body with improved ISO performance, and marginally improved auto focus over my current unit. I have it on fairly good authority that such a camera will be announced later this year. I feel as though, having not actually used the camera, that my review is somewhat unfair, but I wasn’t too impressed by the price hike either. As more user reviews pour in, I’m glad I’ve stuck to my decision to see what is next.

Anyways, here’s a quick photo from yesterday’s meeting with my creative team: